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Department - Botany

The Department of Botany in City College started long back in the year 1939 and the honors course in the subject started in the year 1945, Prof. Hemendra Chandra Mukherjee as Head of the Department started the Department of Botany in the year 1939. In 1945 the department received the affiliation from Calcutta University to introduce Honours Course in Botany for 20 (twenty) students.

The Department currently has six full time teachers. All of them are Ph. D degree holders. In addition, the Dept has three part time teachers. The teachers are specialized in different areas of the subject and therefore, are perfectly competent to meet the demand of the learner. All the teachers, besides teaching, organize seminars and workshops.

The Department possesses a very long history in academic performance. A large number of proficient students have been produced by the Department, who had established themselves as crown of many institutions in different parts of the country as well as abroad. At present the department enrolls 30 students per year.


  • Laboratories and Classrooms :

    The Department of Botany has got sufficient facilities for teaching honours. There are four laboratories and two lecture rooms. In addition there is an air conditioned culture laboratory in the Department. The laboratories are well equipped to meet the demand of the honours curriculum. The teachers of the department uses following teaching aids in the classrooms :
    • LCD Projector
    • Over head projector
    • Slide Projector
    • Charts
    • Models
    • Microscopes
    • Permanent Slides
    • Preserved Specimens
    • Herbarium
    • Computer & educational CDs
  • Museum :

    The museum of the Department of Botany is unique for its collections of various botanical specimens. Here several scientific models, dry and wet preserved specimens of algae, fungi, bryophytes, pteridophytes, gymnosperms, pathological specimens and palaeobotanical specimens are displayed in a proper order. These are utilized by the respective teachers in a class. Therefore, an interactive method of teaching is built up in the class between the teacher and student. Moreover during botanical excursions many specimens are collected from different ecological habitats and the unique ones are displayed in the museum. So the museum of this department is enriched and updated every year. The botanical museum gives a first hand knowledge of the subject and this type of a visual aid creates an everlasting impression in the minds of the students. Moreover the students are also made aware of, how the specimens are collected, preserved and maintained in the museum.
  • Herbarium :

    The herbarium is a pride of the Department of Botany. Each year the students of Botany actively participate in excursion trips and collect various plant species. Some species are kept in the Herbarium after proper treatment. The genera of the same family are kept in the common family cover. The families are arranged according to Bentham and Hooker’s system of classification (1862-1883). The herbarium of Botany Department represents the flora of almost every phytogeographical regions of India.
  • Seminar Library :

    Seminar library is a small repository of books (about 300) in the department in addition to the central library. This library is maintained by a teacher of the department who also issue books to the students. A register is maintained to keep record of the books. Each student is allowed to keep the book with them for a week.

    The main advantage of the seminar library is that while issuing a book, the students can directly interact with the teachers which they can not avail in the main library. This helps the teacher to keep a track on the student’s progress.


  • Botanical Excursion :

    Botanical excursion is a part of the curriculum for both Botany Honours and General stream students of Calcutta University. The Department organizes long botanical excursions to different phytogeographical regions in India for the purpose of studying floral diversity in different natural habitats. In this process, the students become aware of the ecological importance and its interaction with plant community. In the current academic session, the department conduct botanical excursion to places like Jagadalpur (Chattisgarh), Araku and Vizag (Andhra Pradesh) with the 2nd yr Botany Honours students.

    Similarly local excursions are conducted regularly by the Department for both Honors and General students in different local areas including Indian Botanic Garden, Howrah. Visit to Indian Botanic Garden is an annual fare for the students of Botany.

    During excursion to other phyto-geographical regions the teachers and students of the Department interact with the local people and make them aware about the various reasons behind the loss of biological resources in those areas. They also suggest conservation measures for species, which are at high risk and to be conserved on priority basis.
  • Wall Magazine :

    The Department of Botany publishes wall magazine in the name “Calyx” by the departmental students.
  • Workshops & Seminars :

    The Department of Botany organizes seminars and workshops every year to encourage students to learn the essence of the subject. Resource persons from different renowned Universities and Research Institutions are invited to facilitate the students an opportunity for exchange of knowledge.
  • Students’ Seminar :

    The Department of Botany Organizes STUDENTS’ SEMINAR keeping in mind the process of MICROTEACHING as a learning tool. All the students of this department participate as speakers. Students of 2nd year and 3rd year participated and presented topics what they study in their B.Sc. (Hons.) course. Different aspects of Plant Science are covered starting from the origin of ancient plant life to genetic engineering. Few of them went beyond the restriction of the syllabus which point towards the level of their enthusiasm.

List of Equipments used for Teaching

Microscopes & related equipments Others
  • Compound Microscopes – 50
  • Field microscope (comp.) – 1
  • Simple microscopes – 35
  • Projection microscope – 1
  • Camera Lucida – 22
  • Drawing prism – 12
  • Ocular micrometers – 20
  • Stage micrometers – 20
  • Double demonstration eye-piece – 1
  • Inoculating chamber – 1
  • Autoclave – 1
  • Pressure sterilizer – 1
  • Hot air oven – 2
  • Hot water baths -3
  • Microtomes – 2
  • Colorimeter – 1
  • Digital pH meter– 1
  • Spectroscope – 1
  • Planimeter – 1
  • Clinical centrifuge – 1
  • Hot plate – 1
  • Stop watches – 4
  • Thermometers – 10
  • Weight boxes – 4
  • Hand lenses – Small (13), Big (2).
  • Computer with printer and scanner - 1
  • LCD projector - 1
  • 0verhead projectors – 2
  • Slide projector – 1
  • Pan balances – 3
  • Chainometric balance – 1
  • Electronic balance (Dhona) – 1
  • Digital balance – 1
Charts & Models
  • Charts – 113


Sl. No. Name Designation Specialization E-mail Contact
1. Dr. Sital Prasad Chattopadhyay
Associate Professor Taxonomy & Ecology 9433460546
2. Dr. (Mrs.) Sujita Ghosh Associate Professor Cytology & Plant Breeding 9433860249
3. Dr. Rupak Kumar Sengupta
(Head of the Department)
Associate Professor Microbiology -- 9433481908
4. Dr. (Ms.) Nandini Chakrabarti Associate Professor Plant Physiology & Biochemistry 9903497961
5. Dr. Arghya K. Hait Associate Professor Palaeobotany & Palynology 9836340163 
6. Sri Arkajo Majumdar Assistant Professor Plant Physiology & Biochemistry 9475983866
7. Smt. Saayela Guha Part Time Teacher
(Govt. Approved)
Cell Biology & Genetics 9831013129
8. Smt. Sutapa Gupta Part Time Teacher
(Govt. Approved)
Mycology & Plant pathology 9903185748
9. Sri Anindya Rudra Part Time Teacher
(Govt. Approved)
Cell Biology, Molecular Genetics & Plant Biotechnology 9062692652
10. Smt. Indira Mandal Guest Lecturer Taxonomy & Biosystematics 9674054010
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